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About Us

About Us

Penta Group has been working in installation and construction materials sector with its high quality products and service since 1989. It competes both in domestic and foreign markets.

Penta Group, known by its brands and products well in the market, adopts total quality management as an organization model and applies its engineering experience in every area of its facilities.

The most well known product line of the company called "PENTA" contains various types of mix water armatures, basin, shower which have TS EN 817 and TS EN 200 quality certificate and bath accessories. All departments are administered by system of ISO 9001:2000. This product line has been presented to the market by research and development department of the company which works on increasing product quality continuously and diversification strategically. Penta has various models with modern designs which are all handy and aesthetic.

Penta Group has a large network in the market and a very considerable experience in marketing area. Penta have 320 showrooms in domestic market. The company aimed and established a homogeneous and large vendor network throughout the country. Marketing department manages marketing activities of their own and exported products within this vendor network. The company thinks that vendors are its associates in developing solutions and gaining profit.

Penta Group follows projects in foreign markets and chances to export its products to these markets. It aims to invest new, high quality and technology projects inline with its vision. For this reason, the company follows the conditions in local and global economy very closely to make investments which will bring high return.